Saturday, 27 October 2012

What We Do

Hillcroft Partners helps housing organisations improve service and efficiency levels by becoming more "tenant centric".

We do this via a 4 stage process:

1. Generating tenant insight We help organisations to manage tenant data and generate research and insight in order to better understand who their tenants are, what they do and why they do it, what they like and don't like about the services they currently receive and/or might receive in the future.
2. Developing tenant strategies and servicesWe help organisations to act on the insights gained in order to design and improve service delivery and efficiency levels. We help clients to track key service and efficiency measures to ensure that customers are at the heart of decision making
3. Engaging with tenants and delivering services We help organisations to communicate with and deliver services to tenants. We help to ensure that communications - whether via the call centre, in person, via the post, internet or mobile phone are relevant and effective. We help organisations to use insight to improve the ways that repairs are reported, planned and delivered; to optimise rent collections and minimise voids through effective targeting of resources. We help use insight to "test and learn" new ways of service delivery and efficiency improvement. 
4. Gathering tenant feedback 
We help organisations to gather feedback from tenants on the services they have received in order to help understand what is and isn't working

Organisation alignment
We also help organisations to create a "tenant centric" vision, business plan and measures that are understood throughout the organisation; we help create "tenant centric" job descriptions and measures; help build customer centric IT solutions and help improve HR and management processes
Private sector partnering
Where appropriate we help organisations to develop partnerships with private sector companies in order to improve services to tenants.

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