Wednesday, 20 March 2013

ECO early movers get great deals

On the face of it, it’s a great opportunity.  I’m talking about the £1.3bn ECO fund which launched to much fanfare back in January.  To date, I think most people have been keeping their powder dry and watching what the market will do.  From talking to Registered Providers across the UK many are still unsure if they have schemes which will work, some are waiting to get the 2013/14 capital budgets approved and others are waiting to see what level of contribution they could expect to get.  It’s our view that organisations that move early will get some great deals from the energy companies.  There are schemes available with 100% funding – genuinely 100% including all the associated making good and other works after the measures have gone in.  We working with 40 RPs at the moment and the number is growing by the week.  To find out more about what we’re doing click over here and see for yourself.

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